I'm an Illustrator available for freelance illustration projects and welcome inquiries from reputable companies and art directors. I'm particularly interested in collaborating on projects that match my artistic style, which includes, but is not limited to, creating illustrations for items like skateboards, stickers, and t-shirts. While I appreciate all inquiries, I kindly request that those seeking individual logo work or representing smaller ventures understand that my current focus is on projects that align with my interests and goals. This ensures that I can dedicate my efforts to collaborations that best suit my artistic vision and passion. More detailed shots of the skateboards below can be found in my Featured Products section.
skateboard deck art of a bomb with a stick of lit dynamite in its mouth

Smokin' Dynamite Skateboard Deck

a collection of Simeone Graphix skateboards

Simeone Graphix Skateboard Art

Grind colorful skateboard deck art of a blender with a monster face green liguid spilling out and a plug that is a snake

Grind! Skateboard Deck

Flying Eye and Monster Skateboard deck graphic

Flying Eye Monster Skatedeck

colorful tiki skateboard deck

Tiki Skateboard Deck

sticker of a cyclops kid smiling with rotten teeth holding two soda bottles with the word smile above his head

Smile Sticker Art

monster baseball and bat skateboard deck graphic.

Monstrous Swing Baseball Skateboard Deck

colorful psychedelic skateboard art of a stoned sun a smiling mushroom made up like a clown and a striped work with one eye

Shroom Clown Skateboard Deck

kid skateboarding with Vans sneakers, playfully holding a barbecue grill in his mouth

Nice Grill Sticker Art

colorful skateboard art of a goofy cartoon sun pouring mustard on a hot dog in a bun and a slice of pizza that looks like a shark underwater

Grind Skateboard Deck

brake for critters sticker with a cartoon chipmunk with a scared look on his face and his hands and arms stretched out to look like he's yelling for you to stop

Brake for Critters Sticker Art

colorful psychedelic skateboard art of two cartoon characters that look like they're stone with smoke floating around them

Brainwash Skateboard Deck

colorful skateboard art of a cartoon man with a broken parachute falling from the sky and below him is a shark waiting with a fork and knife in his hands

Munchies Skateboard Deck

sticker art of an egg that looks like a retro devil

Deviled Egg Sticker Art

sticker art of a slice of pizza with wings and a monster face holding two knives

Pizza and Wings Sticker Art

cartoon monster infinite symbol digital art

Infinite Madness

1930s style illustration of a cat manipulating eyeballs on a strings like marionette puppets

Jeepers Creepers

1930s style illustration of a grim reaper

Killin' Time

1930s style cartoon fire dancing procreate illustration artwork

Born To Raise Hell

Space Cowboy

gory horror digital procreate art

Careful With That Axe Eugene

shark riding a motorcycle with a surfboard on the back

Surf Rider - Rule Your World

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