About Artist Lou Simeone
I am an artist who creates vibrant and captivating art pieces. Bold and flowing lines characterize my art and are often inspired by diverse themes like music, psychedelia, and spooky motifs. My main source of inspiration comes from the 70s-era art of popular cartoon shows created by Looney Tunes and Disney, and other animated movies from my childhood. I'm also influenced by renowned artists who created album covers during the 70s and 80s.
One of the unique characteristics of my art is the fluid motion that I use to create my characters and environments. This technique is inspired by the "rubber hose" style prominent in many animated cartoons during the 1920s and 30s, including popular movies such as Steamboat Willie and other works from the Fleischer Studios.
Artist Lou SImeone holding a pillow with his artwork on it
Boardpusher Skateboard Artist Interview
Lou Simeone of Simeone Graphix making a peace sign while posing with his skateboards
The Simeone Graphix Grind skateboard deck photographed outside
My interview with Boardpusher for their blog was an incredible experience that reminded me of the importance of staying true to my artistic inspiration and creative process. I also had the opportunity to share my advice with those passionate about creating skateboard art.
My Art Featured in Customized Magazin
Simeone Graphix artwork featured in Customized Magazin full spread
Simeone Graphix artwork featured in Customized Magazin page
My work was featured in Customized Magazin (no that's not spelled wrong), issue number 45. Customized Magazin is a Kustom Kulture magazine based out of Germany. It features the work of artists from all around the world. The artists featured in the magazine specialize in various industries, from tattoos, custom cars, motorcycles, and bicycles, to skateboards and stickers. In addition to having my work featured in the magazine, I was asked if my Covid-19 Productions artwork could be used for the free bonus sticker that comes with the issue. Of course, I was thrilled to have my sticker artwork included.
At Simeone Graphix, I'm passionate about creating electrifying art that merges vintage inspiration with classic styles. My turbocharged illustration studio fuels the world with unique graphics for skateboards, and stickers. Dive into my creative journey and see how my art comes to life!
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