About Simeone Graphix

Simeone Graphix is a one person, art and illustration studio, owned and operated by artist and illustrator, Lou Simeone. I've been creating high impact, high energy, bold, graphic illustrations for many years. I've spent most of my life perfecting my craft to produce quality, graphic illustrations and artwork for people everywhere to enjoy. I love what I do and that passion shines through in all of my work. Enjoy – and thank you for the support.

A note to students and anyone just starting out: If you have any questions about anything related to my work, use my contact form or ask me on any of my socials below. I've learned everything through trial and error and if I can help out by answering questions you have, I'd be glad to.

Simeone Graphix - an Atlanta based studio making art you can stick, ride, wear & hang.

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