Remember kids all my stickers are high-quality, professionally printed, laminated, vinyl stickers, that are printed in the U.S.A. They're weather-proof and ready for outdoor use, which means they're scratch, rain, and sunlight resistant. You can buy any of my stickers from my Etsy shop
simeone graphix smile vinyl sticker

Smile Sticker

simeone graphix back off covid vinyl sticker

Back Off!! Sticker

simeone graphix glass half empty middle finger vinyl sticker

Glass Half Empty Sticker

simeone graphix im freakin out vinyl sticker

I'm Freakin Out Sticker

simeone graphix flying eye vinyl sticker

Metal In Your Eye Sticker

simeone graphix nice grill vinyl sticker

Nice Grill Sticker

simeone graphix pizza and wings vinyl sticker

Pizza And Wings Sticker

simeone graphix Frankenstein on a surfboard vinyl sticker

Surfenstein Sticker

simeone graphix bloody tongue zombie vinyl sticker

Tongue Tie Sticker

simeone graphix 2020 what a shitty year covid vinyl sticker

2020 What A Shitty Year! Sticker

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