About The Simeone Graphix Studio
Simeone Graphix is a one person, art studio, owned and operated by artist Lou Simeone. I've spent most of my life perfecting my craft, creating artwork that is electrified with flowing bold lines and blasting with intense, beautiful color. I love what I do and that passion shines through in all of my work. Enjoy my artwork – and thank you for supporting an independent artist.
simeone graphix mushroom clown boardpusher skateboard deck
boy outside holding skateboard of nose picking artwork
My skateboards are printed and manufactured by BoardPusher. These decks are quality, 7-ply, 100% Canadian maple, made in North America, and at the top of the industry standards. BoardPusher digitally outputs my artwork and applies it to the deck by hand, using their unique Digital Heat Transfer process. I’ve purchased all of these skate decks myself and have been extremely happy with the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each and every deck.
bloody razor blade vinyl sticker
All my stickers are high-quality, professionally printed, laminated, vinyl stickers. Printed in the United States and shipped directly from my studio. They’re all weather-proof and ready for outdoor use - resistant to scratching, rain and sunlight.
 Simeone Graphix is an Atlanta based studio, making art you can stick, ride, wear & hang.
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